Businesses and consumers: Hire service providers, on demand

Everyone: Auction off your free time

Welcome to HireBid, the game-changing new marketplace connecting service providers and clients. Instead of a race to the bottom with service providers bidding low to win a gig, clients bid on the available time blocks of service providers. Clients can hire who they want, at the time they need.

Although clients pay in using a credit or debit card, HireBid's patent-pending system pays out in Bitcoin to service providers in real time as they work. In addition, either party can cancel the remainder of an engagement in real time as well. No more wondering if you will get paid. Risks to both parties are dramatically reduced. Everybody wins.

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Auction off your available time to be bid on by businesses and consumers.

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Are you a consultant, software developer, accountant, contractor, or any other type of service provider who is great at what you do?

Whether you are an expert looking to auction off an hour or two of your free time on nights or weekends for short consultations, you are looking for longer-term work with new clients, or you are looking for daily work, HireBid is the marketplace for you. With HireBid's unique auction model, you remain in complete control over whether to accept a particular project. You can choose to accept any bid for a block of your time, taking into account all information, including the hourly rate and project specifications.

Simply sign up, fill out your short profile, and add your available time slots for potential clients to bid on. Provide the link to your unique HireBid profile page to existing clients, colleagues, and acquaintances so that they can bid on your available time.

Because we pay out each hour in real time in Bitcoin to a Bitcoin wallet address of your choosing, you never have to worry about payment arriving days or weeks after you work, or worse yet, not even being sure you will get paid at all by a client you may not have a prior relationship with. With HireBid, you know you are getting paid and have access to your hard-earned money in real time. You don't even need a bank account.

Hire Service Providers

HireBid allows you to hire service providers, on demand. Not only that, but our proprietary system incentivizes service providers to perform their best for you throughout the engagement.

Whether you looking to hire an expert for short consultations, you are looking to hire someone for a longer term project, or you are looking to hire one or more service providers for daily or hourly work, HireBid is the marketplace for you. HireBid is even the perfect marketplace for businesses and others who need short-term help, on demand.

Simply find the service provider you want to hire, sign in, and bid on an hour or more of that service providers's available time from their profile page, specifying the amount of your bid and the work requested.


It is always free to post your profile and time blocks on the marketplace to be bid upon by prospective clients.

For hours that are worked, the equivalent of 80% of the amount paid in by the client for each hour is paid out hourly to the service provider in real time. The remaining 20% is used by HireBid to cover transaction fees, payment processing fees, and the leftover amount, if any, represents HireBid's commission.

For any hours that are canceled, we refund 95% of the amount paid for each hour canceled back to the client to the payment method used. Cancellations can be done by either party - note, however, that the first hour of an engagement cannot be canceled and cancellations are only effective for other hours that begin at least an hour after the cancellation request.

About HireBid LLC

HireBid LLC, based out of Washington, DC, is revolutionizing hiring by empowering professionals throughout the world, while also making it easier for clients to hire the best professionals, on demand.

Our founder, Neil Sandhu, is the lead developer of HireBid and the inventor of HireBid's underlying system. Neil is a graduate of the University of Virginia and the University of Virginia School of Law. Neil can be reached via email at and is on Twitter at @neilsandhu.